Field Services

Accurate Field Services, in conjunction with Accurate Environmental Labs, provides complete lab support which enables our clients to meet and understand their testing requirements.  We also provide an optional pick-up service for our clients.  Pick-up routes provide clients with a fast, more economical, and safer way to get samples to our laboratory for analysis.  The service allows operators to collect samples and rest easy knowing that they will arrive at the Lab on time and will be analyzed properly.

Pick-up routes are provided out of our Stillwater and Tulsa offices.  We have routes that extend throughout the state of Oklahoma, into southern Kansas, southwest Missouri, and northwest Arkansas.  Clients can be scheduled for weekly, monthly, or stand-by pick up.

Sampling Services:
Accurate Environmental Field Services has a staff of well-trained and experienced field technicians who will perform complete sampling services using EPA methods to meet your requirements.  We have the experience and equipment to perform a variety of different sampling procedures on different sampling matrixes.  Accurate Field Services has years of experience providing the following sampling services to our clients:

  • NPDES/OPDES monitoring for industrial and municipal discharges
    • Using fully automatic samplers or collecting samples manually
  • Drinking water sample collection
    • Collection of Total Coliform, THM, HAA5, VOC, etc.
  • Monitor well purging and sample collection
    • Using new or dedicated bailers
  • Storm water sample collection
    • Using fully automatic sampler with flow meters or manual sampling
  • Soil sample collection
    • TCLP, RCRA, Metals, etc.
  • Drum sample collection
  • Custom fit sampling events to meet your specific needs