Performance Evaluation & Troubleshooting

Accurate Environmental Services, provides environmental technical services for performance evaluation and troubleshooting of environmental systems.

Accurate Environmental Services, with our highly qualified staff and many years of experience, we can provide the expert technical assistance needed to improve the performance of environmental systems and meet State and Federal environmental regulations. Our approach is to:

  • Identify problems.
  • Analyze problems.
  • Solve problems.

We are highly qualified and have many years of experience with municipal and industrial wastewater systems. We can provide solutions to wastewater treatment challenges from normal domestic waste to high strength industrial wastes.

We can provide this service to cities, industries, and engineering firms. We provide this service for all environmental systems:

  • Water treatment, storage, and distribution.
  • Wastewater collection, treatment, and discharge.
  • Biosolids treatment and disposal or reuse.

Steps in a perfomance evaluation will include:

  1. Collection of basic data before site visit.
  2. A facility inspection.
  3. A total plant evaluation.
  4. Identification of problems.
  5. Analysis and reporting.

The plant evaluation may include the following as needed:

  1. Organic loadings.
  2. Hydraulic loadings.
  3. Surface overflow rates.
  4. User loading rates.